Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

Once a person has been arrested, time is of the essence. There are benefits in retaining a private attorney to focus on your defense right away. Do not wait. Do not talk to anyone about your case, except your lawyer. CALL NOW (561) 571-3536.

Record Sealing

Case resolved? The records do not go away automatically. You don’t want those old records from a closed case coming up the next time law enforcement runs your tag., or when you apply for that new job or apartment. If eligible, now is the time to seal or expunge your record. CALL NOW to discuss your options. (561) 571-3536.

Driving With Suspended License

In Florida, it is a crime to drive when your Driver’s License is cancelled, suspended, or revoked.  When charged with this type of crime, the way the case is resolved can have serious implications on a person’s life in unexpected ways.  It is often a quick decision to enter a plea and pay a fine, or even do probation, if there is not jail time to be served. Still, the long-term implication of the plea may come back to bite.  It is important to know what is at stake and what options exist, and the chances of things going your way or against you. Meanwhile, do not drive if you don’t have a valid license. Public transportation is available if you look for it.


Driving Under the Influence is a unique type of crime, and a DUI conviction has sprawling effects on a person’s life.  Alcohol impairs a person’s judgment, and mistakes are easily made by an impaired person. These mistakes can cause serious damage to others, and the State takes these cases very seriously.  Still, it is important to learn what to expect, how to respond, and the implications of your decisions in working through your case.

David S. Hollander has handled criminal matters ranging from a simple driver’s license problem up through murder accusations, and everything in between.  As a prosecutor, Assistant State Attorney David Hollander, went through the training process of how the State builds and prosecutes its criminal cases. Attending the training seminars only available to prosecutors, learning from career prosecutors, working alongside a multi-agency task force, and actually being a prosecutor, gives David S. Hollander a significant strategic advantage in defending criminal accusations – knowing how the other side thinks.  So much so, that David Hollander published a “Responsible Rap” album that responds to gangster rap from a Prosecutor’s perspective; the lyrics are insightful and were intended for young people to learn about how the criminal justice system works in real life. Here is a link to the album.



Years of Experience


Over 12 years of experience representing people and their most challenging problems.


Legal Cases


Handled over 3,000 cases as a Prosecutor and gained priceless courtroom experience.


Graduated Top 10%


Graduated in Top 10% of my law school class and then earned my MBA at night while practicing law full-time.


Reading a lawyer’s bio is not enough to decide who to retain to represent you. You should interview a lawyer to see if it is someone that can relate to you, understand you, and make your case before a jury.  Call now, and see if I’m the lawyer for you.

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